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Setting up and update
« on: November 24, 2019, 03:51:15 PM »
Slowly plucking away at the settings and updated to the forums and the site itself.

Known issues

  • Menu. I have most of the menu sorted out, still have a width issue in the forums as show in the picture, but that is only on the admin side.
  • Forum footer. As the theme no longer follows any trait of the original pictures or colors, the footer notes can be removed.


  • Added "last 8" to user profiles.

  • Adjusted forum colors and theme to match the Green, Purple, and Black colors of the mail page and Registry pages.
  • Added and adapted the Simple Forums SSI to the main page and Registry pages.
  • Adjusted SSI menu to include the site home page, and Registry page.
  • Adjusted the Admin SSI menu to include Registry edit, add, and delete options.
  • Adjusted the SSI Menu to place SSI home button from forum home to main page, and placed new forum button.
  • Added a Gallery per request of Cory H.
  • Adjusted Security setting, No one can register at this time. looking for "invite only" style of registration
  • Removed old forum due to spam attacks, installed new forum.
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